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The wealth divide will never be bridged without first addressing the knowledge divide.
Our goal with Fruitful Alternative Finance is to make financial knowledge accessible and relatable.

Most ordinary people don't need an expensive financial advisor. What you do need, is easy to understand financial advice.
Hi, I'm George.
I'm the creator behind Fruitful AF.

I'm not someone who has always been obsessed with money and I'm not someone who has always made perfect financial decisions. Quite the opposite.

However, since graduating university and entering the workforce, I've been captivated with the notion of making sure the money I earn serves a purpose. A gradual process of learning and studying of personal finance culminated in my qualification as a financial advisor in the UK.

I want to use everything I've learnt to help people improve their understanding of personal finance. Doing this will hopefully allow people to achieve their financial goals. Something that would make me very happy!
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George Sweeney - Finance Writer Fruitful AF

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