Every decision in our life has consequences. Some good, some bad.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what we should and shouldn’t be spending our money on. For years I would try and take a DIY approach to every area of my life, rather than pay a professional.

This is a pretty tight and cynical view and I know lots of other people hate to spend money on something they think they can do themselves.

What I’ve learnt is that there are some things in life it’s worth investing money into. Not just because it makes financial sense, but because it’s better for your overall wellbeing.

In this post I’m going to touch on a few different areas in which investing money into will benefit you.

1) Your health

Investing in your own personal health seems like a no-brainer. Yet most of us don’t do it.

Even Conor McGregor, one of the world’s top athletes, said that he’s only recently begun investing in his health year-round.

A healthy lifestyle means different things to different people and that’s okay. The sad truth however is that most people aren’t investing enough into their health.

Neglecting our physical health can cost us big time in the long run, it can also have detrimental effects on our mental health. All the money in the world is no use if you’re not healthy enough to enjoy it.

Some good ways to invest your wealth in health include:

  • Paying for a personal trainer or a proper gym with a programme of classes with professional instructors. By paying up front you’re more likely to stick around, relying less on self-discipline and willpower.
  • Taking up Yoga and/or Pilates.
  • Subscribing to a meditation or mindfulness app.
  • Avoiding cheap junk food and buying healthier whole plant-based foods.
  • Occasional health check-ups with a Doctor to see what’s going on and where you can improve.
  • Using a Physio or Massage Therapist.
  • Buy a good pair of running shoes or other equipment specific to your training that will reduce the risk of long-term injury.

I’m not advocating you throw around money aimlessly at health fads. You still need to make sure these are intentional and considered purchases, and not just something that’s fashionable.

Ask yourself, what ways are you currently investing in your health? If your answer is blank, just pick one thing you’d like to work on (flexibility, diet, energy levels, strength, cardio, posture), then invest some money getting professional help in that area.

2) Yourself

Although investing in your health is technically a way of investing in yourself, what I mean by investing in yourself is more to do with learning and personal growth.

Investing in yourself can be a form of structured learning like a degree or a qualification. Or it can be as simple as reading a few books in an area that interests you.

By taking the time to invest in ourselves, we’re paying it forward for ourselves. Doing this doesn’t have to be academic either. Perhaps you’re interested in coffee, why not enrol in a barista course or if you’re on a budget self-learn using Youtube and the internet.

We all have the capacity to learn and grow. Investing in yourself will not only keep life interesting, it will make you more interesting.

Improving your own knowledge and capabilities will make you more employable, it will likely make you feel more fulfilled as a person, make you more interesting socially, and it will also open your mind to possibilities and opportunities that you never would have dreamed of.

As the eclectic William Burroughs once said, “When you stop growing you start dying.”.

3) Your wealth

There are so many different ways that you can invest in creating your own wealth. Investing in yourself will place you in a better position to create wealth, and investing in your health will provide you a better chance of enjoying that wealth.

Life is a game. Rather than moaning about other people getting a head start in the game, learn the rules and do what you can to become a winner. Once you understand how wealth is created and how money works, it will become apparent that even you can build wealth, yes YOU!

Spend some time learning about some fundamentals of finance and then use your knowledge to invest in your own wealth. No one else is going to do it for you. Not “liking” money isn’t an excuse. You don’t have to be obsessed with money and finance to be wealthy. You do have to invest some time and resources. Apathy is not an excuse to spend your life broke.

If the whole world of money, wealth, and finance really is too complicated and overwhelming for you then please just pay a professional. There are plenty of ways everyone can invest in their own wealth, but if you won’t even pay someone to do the work for you, then that’s just freakin’ lazy.

It might seem counter-intuitive spending money to increase your wealth, but there’s a reason “you must spend money to make money” is such a popular turn of phrase amongst the elite. Sit down with a financial planner, an accountant, or a tax agent and use their specialised knowledge to your advantage. If you can’t afford a service like that, buy a book on personal finance. If you can’t afford a book, go to your local library and borrow one.

4) Your time

What I mean by investing in your time is, invest in ways to give yourself more time.

Every philosopher from the last few thousand years will have some sort of quote about how time is the most precious commodity, and in a lot of ways it is. We can spend it easily, but creating more of it is impossible.

So it’s important that we spend our limited time efficiently. Who doesn’t want more time to spend with the friends and family, more time to do the things they enjoy, more time for their wealth to grow?

Often people will make the excuse of “not having enough time”. Make time.

Figure out ways to make your routine more efficient. Or if there are certain tasks that take up lots of your time, figure out ways to outsource them.

If you spend most of your time at work and then anything left over is spent doing household chores or maintenance then please invest in buying back some time. Invest in a cleaner to free up a few hours in your week.

Sometimes we struggle to see the direct value in certain investments, but investing to give yourself more time is almost always worth it. Yes, you can do the household chores and cleaning yourself but how great would it be to have an extra few hours each week to do what you want. I’m not saying that you need to fork out for a live-in Michelin star chef, but if you spend loads of your free time cooking, try meal prepping so that you’re sorted for the week.

Investing in more time is all about being smart and efficient. Shorten any activities that take up too much of your time or get help. Investing just a small amount in streamlining your life and providing yourself with more time is literally invaluable.

Do you think when you’re much older you’ll look back and wish you spent more time with friends and family or cleaning your house?

5) Travel

Now I know that this last one will raise some eyebrows. But just stay with me here.

Travel does not have to be a gap year or months spent “finding yourself” in the Amazon. Travel is simply exploring areas outside your normal vicinity.

Travel does not have to be expensive either. You can camp, stay in hostels, road trip, whatever you want. There are so many ways to bring down the cost of travelling.

The importance of investing in travel is so undervalued. Travelling to areas outside your normal perimeters will benefit you in so many ways. Not only will it force you outside of comfort zone, it will grant you new opportunities and experiences. Again, this doesn’t have to be in a different country, it can be a different county. By seeing how life is elsewhere it can give us new perspectives and new ideas.

Aside from a fresh perspective on our own life, travel provides us the chance to recuperate and reenergise. By not taking a break and a holiday, you’re not doing yourself any favours. Even just a short break outside of your normal routine will pay huge dividends. Travel doesn’t have to be busy and active, it can simply be relaxing in a different setting.

By physically taking yourself outside of your regular places, you’ll have the chance to grow. This can be through trying new foods or just by looking at different scenery. Travel will help to stimulate almost every part of your life in some way. It’s rare that you’ll ever meet someone who did not have at least one positive takeaway from travelling. Exploring and discovering new cultures will open your mind, make you more patient and empathetic, and improve your ability to deal with this crazy life. Spending every day doing the same things in the same places will shut off your life to so many experiences and possibilities.

I want to stress again that although being fortunate enough to travel to new countries or continents is amazing, you don’t have to do this to reap the rewards of travelling. Travel can be adaptable to any budget and can be within your own country or province.

Explore and try something different. Mix it up. I guarantee it will be a worthwhile investment of your time and money!

Spending money can be good!

We don’t always have to be frugal, we just have to invest our resources wisely.

I hope this has provided some useful information and inspiration on some different ways you could be investing in your own life.

None of us get a second chance at living so make the most of it!