In this article, I'm going to show you the best personal finance channels on YouTube. Like any company, YouTube has seen a lot of changes over the years. One of the most interesting evolutions in the last few years is how Youtube’s algorithm (much like the Google SEO system), favours exceptional content. Way less click-bait and way more high-quality originality. The only downside is that it is becoming a harder medium to break into. But for the content creators on Youtube who are doing well, their material is often excellent which is great for us viewers.

We all waste a lot of time doing useless stuff on our phones like scrolling through social media. Youtube however, I have a soft spot for. I think there’s some really insightful and practical information on there that’s presented in fun, engaging ways. Providing this useful information in a way that is easy to watch and consume can be really beneficial, especially for people who are visual learners. Personally I’ve learnt a lot from other people, purely through Youtube.

So, without further ado, here are the best YouTube channels slinging personal finance videos.

1. Andrei Jikh (US)

I’ve picked Andrei Jikh as my number one for a couple of reasons. Firstly, he is someone who is very open with his own finances and strategies, providing honest insight into his own positions and tactics. He is also someone who practices what he preaches and did things the hard way, spending years working hard and saving so he is a great case study and very relatable.

Andrei is based in America so some of his videos are US-specific (in terms of trading platforms, tax advantages, account types etc.) and his main investment strategy is high-growth dividend investing (with a little bit of cryptocurrency on the side).

The other reason I’ve picked him is purely for entertainment reasons. As an ex-magician, his content is not only extremely honest and informative but extremely entertaining and sometimes downright hilarious. I always enjoy watching his videos, they’re well produced and I usually have a couple of chuckles, so it really doesn’t feel like learning. He’s also someone who regularly makes fun of himself which shows a sense of self-awareness that again makes him relatable and not cringey.

Here is a particularly excellent video featuring a cameo from another person on this list, the one and only Dave Ramsey.

2) Graham Stephan (US)

Graham is a bit more serious than Andrei but his videos are still enjoyable and he comes across as someone who is pretty down to earth (even though he’s pretty loaded). Graham focuses a lot on Real Estate as that’s where he made his money to begin with but now I think he makes much more from Youtube than from Real Estate and so his content is pretty varied and covers quite a range of personal finance topics.

Although Graham is essentially loaded, he lives a pretty frugal lifestyle and so is still relatable to us non-millionaires. He is a good example of how to avoid lifestyle inflation and serves as a decent benchmark for how to be smart with your money even once you break through to the upper echelons.There are too many people who end up losing everything after they become wealthy because they get complacent and succumb to lifestyle inflation so it’s refreshing to see someone avoiding those pitfalls and helping to elevate others through honest information and enjoyable YouTube content.

Here's a video of Graham breaking down index fund investment in detail.

3) MamaFurFur (UK/Scotland)

Okay first of all, I have to be honest here. I really don’t like the name of this channel, it just makes me think of Facebook mums or perhaps a name better suited for a knitting channel. Now that negativity is out of my system, let's get to the good stuff about this fantastic lady.

MamaFurFur has been around for a few years now and she’s steadily grown in popularity which has led to an organic growth in the quality of her videos and content. The thing that I love most about her channel is that it is UK focused. There really aren’t many UK-based personal finance YouTube creators. So she already gets my vote of approval simply because she’s out there in a medium flooded by Yankee Doodle Americans.

Another reason I’m a fan of her content is because I agree with what she teaches. Good spending habits, good savings habits, simple and effective investment in Vanguard’s index funds. I was also amazed to see that she dedicates 10% of her budget to good causes and giving back. When you’re aiming to be financially independent it’s easy to make things all about you and lose sight of helping others. We all give out about how the wealthy don’t do enough for those in need and yet how many of us give back a significant portion of our earnings on a regular basis? Often we say that we’ll contribute more to good causes once we are earning enough ourselves, but how much is enough? Most of us are already amongst the top earners on a global level and many of us will never reach levels of extreme wealth so should we just do nothing? I’ve gone a bit off track here but kudos to MamaFurFur for not only dishing out useful finance help (especially if you’re in the UK), but also for being a great example to all of us that we shouldn’t become self-centred on our path to financial freedom.

Watch this video where she breaks down her budget and spending.

4) The Dave Ramsey Show (US)

Dave Ramsey is one of the most popular personal finance “gurus” in America. He is probably the most high-profile contender on this list. Dave has an extremely popular radio show, a widely popular YouTube channel, and to cap off his impressive resume he is also a bestselling author.

Dave has coined some fantastic methods like the “debt snowball” (which I’ve talked about previously) and also his “seven baby steps”. He’s also a bit of catchphrase generator with quotes like “live like no one else, so that when you’re older you can give and live like no one else” and my personal favourite “normal is stupid, don’t be normal, be weird.”.

Dave made a fortune in real estate, then lost it, then made it all over again. What he preaches now is universally applicable and not just related to real estate. I use the word “preach” with good reason as Dave is openly religious and a big fan of the big man in the sky and sometimes his shows feel like witnessing a pastor delivering a sermon. Which isn’t a bad thing, he’s super loud, energetic and unapologetically blunt. His content is good entertainment and he is a cracking character to watch and listen too. My only criticism would be that once you have learnt his key values and principles, he doesn’t really offer much else (apart from deep-south hilarity).

I only watch his channel occasionally now because he tends to preach the same concepts and ideas about money. I would definitely recommend anyone learning those concepts and ideas because there’s plenty of gold and I learnt a lot, but it may not be a channel to revisit once you’ve grasped the Dave Ramsey fundamentals.

Here's a great video of Dave having a big rant and there's also a link in the description of the video to his famous seven baby steps.

5) Nate O’Brien (US)

Nate is definitely the youngest addition to this list, but he’s definitely got a good head on his shoulders and someone that younger people interested in personal finance and entrepreneurship should take note of.

His videos are often packed with a lot of useful information that he manages to belt out in one seamless take (although he does have some more fancifully edited content as well). Nate is early twenties and I’m kind of envious that I wasn’t as switched on as him when I was his age. Although it’s good to have the space and time to make mistakes when you’re young, if you can get yourself into good habits, the earlier the better!

Nate offers some great content relating to personal finance and also productivity and a whole range of other topics that are extremely useful to anyone looking to maximise their potential. His videos can be a little dry but they are packed with excellent and applicable lessons and knowledge so I would definitely recommend having a watch.

Here's a cool video where Nate talks about lessons he's taken on board in order to improve his habits and overall position in life.

YouTube Summary

So there’s my top 5 personal finance YouTube channels!

I’m not recommending that you go and spend all of your time on YouTube but I’m also realistic. No one stays productive 24/7 and so when you’re having a wind down or want to take a break it’s much better to still learn something useful rather than simply consuming crap.

You’ll notice that across most of these channels, many of the same principles are preached when it comes to your mindset and your money. I think this list gives a nice bit of variety and I’m sure you’ll pick up little nuggets from each of these characters and the videos they put out.

Hope you enjoyed this and I’d love to know some of your favourite personal finance YouTube channels or any recommendations you might have, send over to me at or feel free to hit me up on Instagram.

Happy watching!